First Treatment complete

My first RCHOP was May 8. I am feeling great. I feel better than i have in months. I know as I have more treatments this will change, but I am thankful for the good days. I was super productive this weekend becaus ei wanted to take advantage of the energy. Next RCHOP is May 29. I did decide to go ahead and cut my hair short. Hoping it will make it less traumatic when I lose it. My Best friend cut it for me and she cut off 8 inches. I was sad to see it go but it is one step closer to getting better. Wishing all you fighters a speedy recovery.

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Your hair will grow back! Just keep looking forward!!
Hi Melissa, I’m glad to hear things are underway for you. Often DLBC lymph nodes will begin returning to normal size even after the first infusion. You may find that the course of infusions will not have dramatic side effects, rather just put you in an overall funk. Best wishes!
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Hi Melissa: Coincidence: I had my first rchop treatment on May 9/10. Five more to go, but who's counting. And four Methotrexate treatments. So glad to hear you feel great. All the best. And don't sweat the hair. (but I'm bald already.)
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